• Back to Books - "This is an absolutely fantastic collection of fantasy stories… written by top-notch authors… With most anthologies, as a reader I always expect a mixed bag with perhaps a dud or two but BEYOND THE PALE is without exception the best collection of short stories I've read this year, and this is my 10th."
  • Fic Talk - "I did enjoy this collection immensely. You’ve got some big names doing what they do best; writing some really great stories. Great writing, storytelling, world building and character development are the highlights of this book. I was thrilled in the beginning, but even more so at the end."
  • My Bookish Ways - "All told, this is a full-bodied mix of tales from some of the most talented authors in the biz, and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon."
  • The Passionate Bookworms - "I loved every story and couldn’t even begin to pick my favorite."
  • Cubicle Blindness - "There are some very good writers here and their stories and this collection is a great one. Well Done."
  • Amanda Evans - "What really surprised me was the depth in the characters and how even with a short story you could become them, feel their emotions, go through their trials and tribulations and endure what they faced."
  • Fiction State of Mind - "I left this book with an even greater appreciation for the talents of the authors I was familiar with and also excited to seek out more books from the authors I read for the first time."
  • Schmoeker-Welt - "All in all, every story is amazing and the authors are so talented."
  • A Dab of Darkness - "This is a great collection of works, not only for the known-to-me authors that I enjoy so much, but also for introducing me to several new-to-me authors that I will be seeking out their work and devouring."
  • Much Ado About Books - "I totally enjoyed it. Don't miss this one!"
  • Rabid Reader Reviews - "All of the stories in BEYOND THE PALE are wonderfully crafted and thoroughly engaging."
  • Cuzinlogic - "I cannot say enough good stuff about this book. It's one of the best I've read recently, and I read a lot of books."
  • Bibliophilia, Please - "I liked what I read in BEYOND THE PALE, and I found some new (to me) authors that I'll be reading."
  • Over the Effing Rainbow - "…the coastal Scottish wilderness of the setting is so very present I could practically taste the air, the thread of local mythology is teased out in the story rather than tangled up in it, and the stark, striking impact of Gillian's prose is also present and accounted for."
  • Doing Dewey - "I also appreciated the diversity of the collection which included stories drawing on many different mythologies and set all over the world. Overall, a very enjoyable, well curated collection of stories with some true standouts."
  • Fantasy Cafe - "…it has certainly added more books and authors to my to-read list!"
  • Lynn's Book Blog - "This is a really good collection of stories from some awesome authors. It almost puts me in mind of bedtime tales or tales that you sit and talk about round a camp fire!"
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