Genre & Age: Fantasy early chapter book (ages 7-9)
Format: Paperback, 44 pages, 6" x 9"


The clever little Nimpentoad leads his fellow Niblings through the perilous Grunwald Forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Kids enjoy the adventure and stunning illustrations. Parents appreciate a story that discourages bullying, and emphasizes teamwork, creativity, perseverance, and leadership.

  • "It truly is gratifying to see you working with your sons on such a fine creative effort. The artwork is lovely."
    - David Brin, author of the Uplift Trilogy and The Postman
  • "This is the kind of book I'd have loved as a kid. Just stunning illustrations."
    - Saladin Ahmed, author of Throne of the Crescent Moon
  • "It's way too rare that there are books that both my 6-year-old and I can be charmed by and want to read over and over! Luckily, Nimpentoad is one of those books!"
    - Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer of IDW Publishing
  • "With all the buzz about fantasy stories written FOR children, it's a treat to read a fun, engaging story written BY talented children. Nimpentoad is a great little romp with cool illustrations that kids of any age will enjoy."
    - Ron Noble, author & Emmy award-winning animation director of Rugrats, Rocket Power & The Wild Thornberries
  • "Nimpentoad is exactly the kind of story I liked to make up for my girls when they were small. It's full of amazing creatures doing interesting things. Sometimes it's scary, but the hero always saves the day, and guides them to their final goal."
    - Larry Bond, NY Times bestselling author of Red Storm Rising
  • "Love the inventiveness of the this book, and the art is great. Very impressive and inspiring that it was co-written by elementary-school kids!"
    - Ned Vizzini, author of House of Secrets
  • "Nimpentoad is a work of love...for fantasy. And its clear from the first paragraph (the authors) take the inspiration from the best in the wonderful effect. Geared towards the 6-10 year old set, Nipentoad is an appropriate work to introduce younger readers to fantasy tropes...and the lessons therein. The illustrations encapsulate the quirkiness of the piece...and I can't wait for more from this team. Simply put: a winner! "
    - Sohaib Awan, host of
  • "Nimpentoad is a very charming little book that will cater to the imaginations of young readers. The story has a great message of the importance of banding together and seeking friendships in the most unlikely of places."
    - Stephen Silver, animator of the Kim Possible cartoon series.
  • Artwork from Nimpentoad was a semi-finalist in an art contest judged by The Hobbit movie art directors John Howe, Alan Lee, and Richard Taylor.
  • Nimpentoad reached 8th on Amazon Best Sellers large print > sci-fi & fantasy, and 1st on Kindle Best Sellers children's > social situations > bullies
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